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I built and design this equipment at my shop in Arkansas.  As is usual, most of the parts have their origin in China; nothing new there.  When I designed the restart delay, I built it with industrial parts used in automation.  They are designed to last through 500,000 cycles.  They are also sized much larger and with higher capacity that is needed, so in other words, it is overbuilt so it will last a long time.

Power Sentry Restart for Refrigerators

The purpose of this patent pending device is to save the compressor in your refrigerator from burning out in the event of a power outage. 

When the power supply is briefly interrupted and comes back on in a couple seconds, it can damage your refrigerator if it's running at the time.  When the power comes back on, the compressor will attempt to start against high head pressure, and you will hear a clicking noise coming from the compressor compartment.  The click is coming from the start relay / overload protector.  The compressor has to be off for about three minutes before it will restart.  It takes that much time for the pressure in the sealed system to equalize enough to allow the compressor to start.   If the start relay or the compressor fails, you will come home to a refrigerator or freezer full of spoiled food.  That can be very expensive by itself.

This short cycle is what shortens the life of your compressor and thus your refrigerator.  It's about $450 to $600 to replace a compressor not to mention the inconvenience of being without the refrigerator and the cost of the spoiled food.

The restart delay activates when the power is restored and shuts of the power supply to your refrigerator for five minutes.  If the power stays on for that five minute period, your refer or freezer will come back on a run normally.  If the power flickers again, the five minute period will start over.



As you can see from the photos, this is an industrial looking piece of equipment.  Since it is hidden behind the refrigerator or freezer, it doesn't make any difference.  Installation is as simple as mounting the box to the wall with the supplied nails in the outlet box, and then plugging it into the wall and plugging your refer or freezer into it.





Ordering and cost



The Power Sentry restart delay is $79.  If you would like to order one, simply call Scott's Appliance at 501-655-0900 and we will take care of the details over the  phone.